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Micronet Systems expand across Australasia

GENETiQ ERP Partner Success Story


Micronet is a well-established provider of business software systems to a diverse range of industries throughout Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the Pacific Islands. Since 1983 they have implemented business software solutions in over 2000 small and medium sized enterprises.


Pain Points

Micronet’s technology was reaching end of life. They were finding it difficult to secure new business and they faced a major rebuild of their solution. They also faced a slow decline with existing customers likely to migrate to another solution over time.


At just the right time, Micronet met the GenetiQ ERP team who were on a promotional trip to Australia. It was immediately apparent that the two firms had a similar background, served similar markets and had a similar philosophy when it came to their approach to technology and to the markets they served.

‘It really was a lightbulb moment’ according to Phil Salomon, Micronet’s Chief Technology Officer. ‘Not only was it like looking in a mirror, but the GenetiQ ERP solution was the system we would have built if we’d done it ourselves.’

Micronet knew that the GenetiQ ERP platform would allow them to provide horizontal ERP excellence for their chosen vertical markets. It was immediately clear that the technology stack and the ERP capability it was built upon would fully support Micronet’s go to market strategy.

Especially important to Micronet was the ability to focus in on certain vertical markets and build an ERP based solution that would not be too heavily reliant on consultants. This was something else that steered them away from the mainstream ERP vendors (SAP, NetSuite etc) and other platforms.

‘Our business model is to develop a license subscription revenue stream, supported by a reasonable balance of consulting fees’ continues Drew Arthur. ‘We were an early adopter of subscription-based Software as a Service (SaaS) back in 2000. It was critical to us that our relationship with our solutions’ provider allowed us to carry on with that commercial model. It has been hugely beneficial to us.’

Our Software, Your Solution Future

For any provider whose technology is reaching the end of the road, GenetiQ ERP just makes total sense.  As early adopters of subscription-based Software as a Service (SaaS), it was critical to us that our relationship with Aptech Business Systems allowed us to carry on with that commercial model.  It has been hugely beneficial to us”

Drew Arthur, Managing Director, Micronet Systems

Key Benefits

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Ready-made B2B ERP solution to take to market

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Flexible contractual & commercial relationship

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Platform well suited to tailoring for vertical markets

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Tech Stack

Impressive technology with a good development strategy

Micronet’s experience now

With their expertise in wholesale, importing and franchising, Micronet is able to provide vertically aligned ERP based solutions that encompass tailored business processes for their markets. They have been able to hone these to reduce the amount of implementation consulting required.  This in turn reduces the implementation costs to their customers and removes another barrier to the sale. Their new business win ratio is at least double what it was before and simplifying the implementation means they can take on more clients. This makes a significant contribution to their impressive 12% annual growth.

Armed with the GenetiQ ERP platform, Micronet are totally empowered to build their own successful partner network for Oceania. Given the geography this is an essential part of their growth strategy. For example, Micronet has a reseller partner to cover New Zealand. Micronet has also established their own brand for GenetiQ ERP, HARMONiQ, which resonates well with their markets.

For their customers, the control HARMONiQ gives them is of huge value. In particular, the amount of real-time business information available on control screens to support business decisions and enhance customer service. One of Micronet’s customers, Firequip, a major supplier of specialist products to the fire protection and building industries, has been able to pursue their strategy of achieving profitability through responsive customer service since moving from the old Micronet platform to HARMONiQ.

The Micronet and Aptech Business Systems relationship developed quickly and continues to be a strong open relationship with two-way discussions on product direction. It has reinvigorated Micronet’s business. For them, it’s not just a new product; it’s also a new sales process and a cultural shift towards a more flexible and adaptable way of serving their customers.

For any provider whose technology is reaching the end of the road’ concludes Drew Arthur, ‘this platform just makes total sense.’

GenetiQ ERP in practice