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Define Your Own Future With An Alternative ERP Partnership Model

Define Your Own Future With An Alternative ERP Partnership Model
August 12, 2021 Matthew Browner
The Alternative ERP Model

We’re hardly being controversial in saying that to retain market share and drive future growth, ERP resellers must offer a differentiated service that goes above and beyond the competition. To elaborate a possible path, we’ve explored elsewhere what resellers must to do to stand out from the pack.

Of course, it’s not always that simple. Our experience has shown us that many resellers are not even aware that a White Label ERP solution is an option for them. As a result, they find themselves tied to a familiar vendor and realize that they lack a customer-centric solution only when it’s too late. There has to be a better alternative.

The Nexus Module

The Problem with Partnering with ERP Giants

Faced with the dual challenge of retaining existing customers and enticing new ones, resellers need an ERP solution that not only moves with the times, but sets the pace and empowers them to stand out from the crowd. That’s not the case with the majority of software solutions from the big vendors. They’re reliable, well-tested, and broad in features, but they don’t offer the functionality customers in niche verticals are looking for or the ability for resellers to offer value-add services

We’ve taken a more in-depth look at the pros and cons of partnering with the ERP Giants in a separate blog, but it’s worth reminding ourselves here that the size of a SAP, Oracle or Sage partner, for example, is not always a benefit. They might be giants, but they’re also unwieldy beasts from the perspective of a reseller, often slow to react to reseller requests, and sometimes brutal when it comes to providing individual support. 

Who could blame them? Their business model is geared towards selling software licenses at a reasonable price point and innovating at the macro, not the micro level. That works perfectly well for the majority of customers, from small and mid-market businesses to large enterprises. And it can work for resellers who have the software developer resources or plug-in architecture and time to provide the bespoke solutions customers seek to accommodate their unique ways of working.

You can also read in another blog why Microservices isn’t always the solution and how resellers can find themselves bypassed – and customers find themselves unstuck – by platforms such as Zapier that offer quick, seamless integration of third-party tools. 

Instead, let’s take this opportunity to articulate the key advantage a White Label ERP solution such as GenetiQ ERP has over the above options. 

Introducing GenetiQ ERP

With GenetiQ ERP, you can enjoy an exclusive partnership as a reseller that starts with defining the exact parameters of what your customers need from a software solution, and continues with an outstanding level of support and regional exclusivity. You retain control of your branding, enjoying the autonomy to set your own path whilst having direct co-creation input into the GenetiQ ERP product roadmap. The GenetiQ ERP partnership model and software solution was built to enable partner autonomy and differentiation with strong supports in place to facilitate constant partner community engagement and support.

That support cannot be underestimated. All but a select few resellers for the Top 5 vendors will be familiar with finding themselves far down the priority list when urgent help is needed. As a GenetiQ partner, however, you are part of a select few. It’s an exclusive club with some unbeatable benefits:

  • Next-generation software that you can make your own (and fast). It’s a proven solution, fully tested and ready to deploy with confidence. Browser, Cloud, On-Prem or Hybrid deployment architectures are there for you to choose room.
  • Advance code-free agility toolkits enable your consultancy team to extract additional services revenues
  • Dedicated partner product roadmap delivered by a skilled developer team. We take care of the core functionality and provide required resources to enable your team to implement, train and support your solution – so you can focus on attracting new customers to your business
  • A feature-rich, future-focused solution with REST API functionality that allows for easy integration of third-party apps. For your software team, it’s highly configurable at speed and at low cost. It also offers fully integrated ecommerce, online account management and mobile app solutions.

The Nexus Module

Unlock these Benefits for Your Customers

If disappointing your customers with a solution that is no longer fit for purpose has become a habit, perhaps it’s time to let your big ERP vendor go. Start delighting your customer base with these benefits instead: 

  • Perfect fit ERP for your customers. With our code-free agility toolkit, when you need to accommodate the finer business nuances of your customers, your consultants can respond fast. 
  • A range of automation and triggered intelligent features to give your customers great ownership of their system. Our Intact iQ Nexus Module, for example, allows users to automate tasks, processes and business rules to maximise efficiency.
  • Complete ERP functionality covering the essential features for any enterprise, from finance and procurement to sales & marketing, logistics and supply chain – all managed from a single centralized database for watertight security and compliance. 
  • Browser based application providing ready access that can be customized by role or department, e.g. Sales, Deliveries, Warehouse, Management etc. Let’s put an end to UX that puts off the end-user.
  • Scalable functionality with a focus on the future. Other solutions hold your business back. GenetiQ ERP grows with the business to accommodate new technology ahead of the curve.  
  • A suite of integrated solutions to support e-commerce, enterprise mobility, business analytics etc.
  • Offers multiple user experience interfaces such as WinForms, iOS, Android, HTML, REACT JS, small form warehouse devices & Touch ePOS, multiple deployment options to suit your local markets or specific customers and licensing model options
  • GenetiQ ERP is also an open 3rd party friendly system. It will therefore integrate seamlessly with any systems your customers currently use and need to keep or may want to add in the future.

Ready to take greater control of your future. Get in touch to request a demo, tell us more about your business, and explore the possibilities of becoming a GenetiQ ERP partner.

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