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Why GenetiQ ERP?


Benefits for your Business

Low Risk – High Reward

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Next-Generation ERP Software

Take it and make it your own; quickly and with confidence

We’ve been developing business management and ERP software for over 27 years. This means you are tapping into a rich seam of expertise and a proven solution that you can swiftly bring to your customers as your own company branded solution using our white label business software platform.

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Skilled, Dedicated Developer Team

So you can focus on adding value to your bottom line

Our highly skilled development team has designed GenetiQ ERP to be a robust own-brand ERP solution that rivals current mainstream ERP and open source business software platforms. It’s feature-rich, modern and constantly evolving so you can focus your energies on creating the value add elements or services that will make a difference to your customers.

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360 Degree ERP Solution

So you won’t spend time covering any gaps

You can avail of the GenetiQ ERP platform as a white label ERP software solution or opt to leverage our existing brand (Intact iQ) and its related marketing collateral. Whatever you decide you have the assurance that you are bringing a quality, feature rich, future focused solution to your chosen markets.

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Home of Perfect Fit ERP

Delight your customers

The flexibility of our solution empowers your team to deliver perfect fit ERP solutions for your customers. This means that your team can easily accommodate business nuances or unique ways of working given the advanced levels of codeless customisation it offers. This makes GenetiQ ERP a strong enabler of business improvement.

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Strong Testimonials

Ready-made customer base to reference

We’ve worked hard to ensure that our partner network is a happy network and that they are achieving higher profits by working with us and by taking our rebrandable white label business software to their specialist markets.

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Excellent Track Record

Used by 2.5k+ firms, thousands of users

ERP experts since 1992 we’ve built up a strong installed base and thousands of delighted users. Our end user references will confirm to your customers that this is the optimum ERP solution for their business; a far superior alternative to alternate ERP vendors or open source ERP platforms.

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Award Winning

So you know you’ve got the best

Our multi award-winning products reflect our determination to bring you the leading private label software solution for you to present to your customers. We’ve also been recognized as a great place to work in our home market!

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Stable for 25+ Years

In it for the long-haul

Our independent, financial status and long-standing customer base gives us a stability that will allow you to enter our white label affiliate program with full confidence that it will become a low risk, long term, mutually beneficial agreement.

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Our Software, Your Solution Future

We fully appreciate that our partners need to be empowered to cater for the nuances within their customers businesses.  GenetiQ ERP enables our partners to deliver perfect fit solutions for their customers directly without having to rely or engage all the time with the vendor.
Justin Lawless, CEO, GenetiQ ERP

Benefits for your customers

Their business, at its best

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Perfect Fit by Design

Embrace your customers’ differentiators and help them to exploit them by using our codeless customisation toolkit to tweak the GenetiQ ERP white label business software platform to deliver the perfect-fit ERP solution for your customers that matches the individuality of their business every time.

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Complete Control

Help your customers to take the noise out of their business so they can focus on what’s important to them. Use the range of automation and triggered intelligence features to help them get the right balance of how they spend their time making business decisions.

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Single Enterprise-Wide Solution

GenetiQ ERP offers complete ERP functionality across finance, procurement, supply chain, management, trade/retail counter and sales & marketing teams. This exists in a centralized database that provides a single version of the truth, plus open interfaces that allow you and your customers to integrate any 3rd party applications.

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Anytime, Anywhere Access

GenetiQ ERP extends seamlessly to mobile, giving your customers and their employees access to real-time information on the move, 24/7. It even works when internet access is not available, and can be tailored to every end user, which drives high adoption.

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Future Focused

Your customers can start with the functionality they need today but can easily extend and scale with additional functionality when they’re ready. The system will easily scale as their business grows and can absorb new technology trends as they emerge.

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Boost Productivity

Intuitive workflows and process automation saves time and eliminate errors or duplication. All driven by the rules engine with no need for coding to make your customers’ business work at its very best.

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Integrated E-Commerce

We’ve developed a suite of solutions for those of your customers who need a high level of integration between their e-commerce site and their business management platform. This saves time and money, reduces errors and ensures your customers meet their customers’ expectations.

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Business Intelligence

We provide a fully integrated enterprise-wide analytics tool that allows your customers to tap into the rich seam of data held within the platform, in real-time, to help them make better business decisions. Our RESTful API can be used to integrate best of breed solutions in your customers’ industries if required.